Hello there! My name is Nele, and I am incredibly passionate about two things: art and nature.

I love to paint! As a little kid, I tried to make sense of the world around me by drawing everything that came in sight. Our house was covered with scraps of paper with my drawings on them.

I took this passion with me into adulthood, and went on to study fine art, illustration and graphic design at university.


As a lot of other creatives, I too struggled with bringing order into my creative process. My mind was bubbling with ideas and thoughts. Finding a good structure, and, consequently, the time to produce those ideas was a struggle. I kept ending up with half-baked projects and a pile of ideas never to be fully explored.

It became clear to me, that I needed to find a way to organise my time. To bring order into the creative chaos of my life. This is why I created my first planner. And it worked wonders!

Suddenly my to-do lists did not feel that overwhelming anymore. I saw my priorities more clearly and could create realistic timelines for projects. It became much easier to organise and structure myself, and having a better overview of my to-dos made it easier to accomplish it all.It felt great!

I wanted to share this beautiful sensation with other creatives. I also wanted to create a home for my art and illustrations. So in 2014 I founded this: Monkey Minder.

Monkey Minder combines my love to art with my love to nature. All of my products are produced with the planet in mind: I only use recycled paper and run my business as eco-sustainably as possible. I love beautiful stationery, but I love and care about our planet as well.

I believe that little steps can make a big difference. Join me on this journey!

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